March 24, 2021

Why it May Be a BAD Idea to Sell, with Brian and Lynette Wolff

Episode 106:

The Wolff Couple have been training successful investors alongside the guru Ron LeGrand all across America for over 15 years. Now thousands of students use the training they created with Ron to achieve their dreams through real estate investing. Brian and Lynette are the acknowledged authorities on Scripts, LIVE Closing Calls, Acquisitionists, and Pretty Houses.

The Wolffs’ background makes them uniquely qualified to train you how to get rich in Real Estate. Lynette and Brian are straight talkers originally from Minnesota, with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. As a new home sales agent, Lynette set an Arizona state record by selling 41 homes in one month! Brian was the Manager of a mortgage office in downtown Phoenix, and a Realtor as well.

When the Wolffs found Ron LeGrand they launched into real estate investing full time, and quickly replaced two 6-figure incomes. They began closing multiple deals per month in their own business, which now thrives with the help of their 2 sons (Dashel and Cale) and the rest of their pack. Together they’ve closed well over $100 million worth of real estate deals!

A huge focus for the Wolffs is Pretty Houses, because of the big profits you can make when you just know what to say, and all that awesome passive income. Plus Brian’s expertise in negotiating mortgages and Lynette’s in selling gorgeous homes quickly made them perfectly suited for Pretty Houses, where financing terms and urgency make deals. Brian also wrote screenplays in Hollywood for 7 years, so he had the ideal background to create the powerful and conversational scripts needed to close those big deals.

The other great thing about Pretty Houses is that you can delegate to an Acquisitionist and have the whole business done for you. One of the Wolffs’ many nicknames is the King & Queen of Automation and Delegation, and that is the true meaning behind the title of Ron’s new book, “The Less I Do, the More I Make.” In fact, out of all the famous authors and speakers Ron knows, he chose Brian to write the forward for his book! Ron also knew the Wolffs were the perfect ones for the job years ago when he hired them to teach his 4-day Pretty House Boot Camp.

The Wolff Couple have helped so many investors make big money, their binder of testimonials is thicker than a phone book! They’ve even coached so many of the people who are now training others that the students call them “Mentors to the Mentors”. Since they began real estate investing Ron’s way they have been so blessed, and now it has become Brian and Lynette’s life mission to be a blessing to others. They would truly love to help YOU achieve your dreams too!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why both wholesaling and rehabbing homes come with big drawbacks that you should keep in mind when deciding what to do with your properties
  • Why flipping houses as fast as you can is a bad habit you need to break, and why depreciation on property values can completely wipe out your income taxes
  • Why selling your houses within the first year can cost you 37% of your income in taxes, and why holding them for just one year can lower that burden to 15-20%
  • Why lease option tenant buyers can help you generate big money through option deposits and residual cash flow from the rent you’re collecting
  • How holding your properties can allow their value to appreciate over time and allows debt paydown over the time you’re holding it
  • Why a lease option removes the burden of doing repairs on the home and places it on your tenant buyer instead
  • What specific situations call for rehabbing or wholesaling a property rather than holding onto them for the long term
  • Why Brian and Lynette Wolff held a property for 17 years before finally selling it, and why they held the property through five different tenant buyers
  • How the Wolff couple were able to turn their property into total final net profits of an astonishing $493,300 from a single property


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