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Don Fowler Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Realeflow
Don Fowler is a Business Development Leader, Software Executive, and Entrepreneur. He serves as Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Realeflow, a Real Estate Data and CRM provider.
Jerry Green CEO of his real estate business
Jerry Green is a native of Ohio and currently lives there in Germantown with his wife of 16 years and their 4 children. Jerry started in the real estate business in 1994 by wholesaling properties.
Stephen Woessner Predictive ROI
In this special episode of the Mentor Podcast, you’ll hear audio from a guest appearance Ron recently made on the Onward Nation podcast, where host Stephen Woessner turned the tables and interviewed Ron about his background in real estate, how he turned his vast investing experience into a thriving mentoring business, how he has adjusted to the realities of the global pandemic, and Ron’s advice for effective marketing in the digital age.
David Richter Simple CFO Solutions, LLC
David Richter is an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals which include wholesale, turnkey, brrrr, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and any other exit strategy you can think of. While growing and building a real estate business from 5 deals a month to over 25 deals a month, he realized that as much money was coming in, it was going right out. With the unique opportunity of being in every seat as a real estate investor, he found a calling to help real estate investors make and keep more money.

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