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Damon Remy and Nate Pummel Damon Remy is the Chief Everything Officer of REI BlackBook/Nate Pummel Owner of Profit Drive
Damon Remy is the Chief Everything Officer of REI BlackBook. As the brains and heart behind REI BlackBook, his total focus is on doing it better, dreaming big, building for the future, listening to the REI BlackBook community needs, and ensuring the BlackBook team understands the company mission and purpose so their hearts, as well as their minds, are engaged every day. Nate always wanted to be an entrepreneur and always loved real estate. He dabbled in real estate education and toyed with some other business ideas but didn't get serious until he had his third daughter. Nate went back to real estate and has been investing for three and a half years, leading to the creation of his real estate investor startup, Profit Drive.
Eric Moeller Co-Founder of STR Legends
Eric D. Moeller is the co-founder of STR Legends (Short-Term Rental Legends), a mastermind group dedicated to allowing short-term rental investors to come together to learn and network.
Dan Barrett AdWords Nerds
Dan Barrett is the founder and Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds. His unique approach to finding motivated sellers – combining online marketing best practices with rapid data collection and intense focus – helped dozens of clients grow their investment businesses while spending less time on their marketing.
Nate Armstrong Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Investors
Nate is an Inc 500 award winner, and he was named Great Lakes Regional Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year, Minnesota Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year, and one of the Top 10 Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs of the Year.

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