February 14, 2024

Episode 154: Part III – 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

Episode 154:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Understanding Your Business Numbers: The critical importance of knowing the cost per customer, lead generation expenses, and the value each customer brings to your business.
  • Analyzing Lead Generation Costs and Returns: How to evaluate the effectiveness of lead sources and make informed decisions on where to allocate marketing funds.
  • The Importance of Using a Real Estate Attorney: Why closing deals with an attorney is crucial for legal protection and representation, unlike title companies.
  • Risk Management with Title Insurance: When to purchase title insurance and the financial logic behind it for cash deals versus terms deals.
  • Preparing for Legal Challenges: The benefits of having a real estate attorney as a defensive strategy against potential lawsuits.
  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning: The necessity of having a plan for asset protection, tax reduction, and structuring to safeguard your wealth from lawsuits.
  • Entity Structuring for Asset Protection: An introduction to using multiple LLCs for protecting personal assets and the importance of not owning assets in your personal name.
  • Learning Through Doing Deals: Encouragement to learn real estate investing by actively engaging in deals, with a reminder that training, and education are key.
  • The Need for Multiple Attorneys: The different roles of closing attorneys, business attorneys, and estate planning attorneys in a real estate investor’s team.
  • Asset Protection Course Offer: An opportunity to learn comprehensive asset protection, entity structuring, and tax reduction strategies through a specialized course.
  • Gold Club Membership Benefits: The advantages of becoming a Gold Club member, including access to resources, forms, agreements, and lead services.