June 8, 2022

Getting Creative with Probate, with Al Nicoletti

Episode 127:

Al Nicoletti is a Florida Real Estate and Probate Attorney known throughout Florida as the “Prince of Probate” aka “The Probate King.”

As a Probate attorney extraordinaire, Al has carved out a unique niche in probate real estate issues for inherited property, and he is dominating the Florida market by solving simple and complex probate matters that once stalled real estate deals. Al developed a strategy to structure probates so they are fast, efficient, and can wait until the title closing to be paid.

Al’s law practice is strongly focused on Probate, Quiet Title, Partition, and Trust Administration (the real estate title fixer). He has a no-nonsense approach and is dedicated to positive, quality results done fast, efficiently, and the right way. Al works with real estate investors, real estate agents/brokers, and other real estate professionals.

In addition to managing his law practice, Al has a live weekly podcast show, is an educational speaker, influencer, and social media content creator. He enjoys traveling the State of Florida speaking at real estate investor association meetings, bootcamps, and masterminds to educate audiences on unique real estate niches.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What probate is and how Al’s work as a probate attorney ties into the entire process
  • When Al considers the best time to contact owners, or future owners, of a property as a probate attorney
  • How creative thinking and problem-solving helped Al succeed in probate real estate
  • Why it’s important to get good, quality advice on any deal you are looking to make
  • Why it’s always crucial to know when an auction is happening when you are in the probate business
  • Al’s advice for anyone looking to get into the probate business


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