August 19, 2020

The Probate Process and Quieting the Title, with Al Nicoletti

Episode 89:

Al Nicoletti is a practicing attorney based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and is an expert in advising real estate investors across the state about all things related to probate law.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Al’s legal practice is focused on probate, and how he helps real estate investors navigate probate issues
  • What “quieting the title” means, and how it helps clear creditor judgments against a piece of real estate
  • How quieting a title interacts with tax deed sales, and why it is important to clear up muddied titles
  • What probate is, and why heirs in ownership of a property need to put a property through probate to transfer the title before they can do something with it
  • How long the probate process typically takes, and how Al expedites the process from months to just days by following the process correctly
  • How homestead properties and non-homestead properties differ in Florida, and who is required to be notified before a property can go through probate
  • Why doing your due diligence is critical, and why it is important to avoid letting a probate file sit without making progress
  • Why the Florida pre-probate market is ideal, and how offering to pay probate costs for the heirs can grease the wheels
  • What misconceptions people often believe about probate, and why getting a title commitment is key


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