November 14, 2018

When the Student Becomes a Master, with Blair Halver

Episode 30:

Blair Halver is an entrepreneur and marketing automation expert from Mooresville, NC.

Blair is a real estate investor and avid marketer, coming up under the greats: Dan Kennedy, Ron LeGrand, Russell Brunson, and more. He has personally managed a marketing spend of nearly two million dollars and generated more than 100,000 motivated seller leads for him and his clients.

Blair’s clients are some of the fastest growing real estate investors in the country, and he has helped them systemize their marketing so they can create a life of true freedom in their real estate investing business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Blair joined Planet Ron in 2016 and now runs a successful real estate business operating in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • How Blair specializes in buying contracts with seller financing and then selling properties on a lease option, in the $80k-250k market
  • What steps Blair takes to effectively market his houses, and where he finds the best buyer leads
  • Examples of the highly effective targeted Facebook advertisements Blair uses to find qualified buyers
  • What Blair looks for in buyers, and what step-by-step process he follows to secure and close deals
  • How Blair’s business and team are uniquely structured to operate within two different city markets
  • Which challenges were the most difficult for Blair to overcome when he was first starting out in real estate
  • How to access Blair’s video, where he has integrated his own real estate techniques into the process he learned from Ron LeGrand
  • Why Blair decided to leave the television production industry to begin his real estate business

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