July 11, 2018

Getting Your Product on a TV Shopping Channel, with Bob Circosta

Episode 12:

Bob Circosta is TV’s original home shopping host and one of the individuals who helped create the multi-billion-dollar TV home shopping industry. He sold the first item ever offered!

Over the past 40 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of live selling on TV, made over 75,000 separate product presentations, and has, individually, sold over six billion dollars in merchandise which has earned him the title: “TV’s BILLION DOLLAR MAN.”

Today, Bob helps entrepreneurs sell their products all over the world. When HSN started their entrepreneurial program segment, HSN American Dreams, they asked Bob to find products and bring them on the air. In addition, Bob co-hosts What a Great Idea with Bob & Chad on the live shopping channel in Canada.

His popular book, “Life’s a Pitch” is a proven and powerful guide to successfully selling ANYTHING – ANYWHERE!

Bob has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s 20/20 and in articles in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

Recognized as the world’s leading authority on TV Shopping, Bob received the first-ever “HSN LEGEND AWARD” for his contributions and lifetime achievements in the electronic retailing industry.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Bob grew the Home Shopping Network from its very beginning
  • The product that started the home shopping industry
  • Why you should take action right now if you have a product idea
  • Simple products that have become hits in the past
  • Getting started selling a product even if you have limited quantities to start
  • How to sell a product that you didn’t even come up with yourself
  • The types of products that are suitable for HSN and the types of products that sell the best
  • The process that a product goes through to get approved
  • What dollars per minute (DPM) means and why it’s important to the home shopping world
  • What happens after a product is approved
  • How long it takes to get paid after your product airs on HSN
  • Why this process is low risk for entrepreneurs
  • The reason you need to sell a high volume to make a lot of money in the home shopping market
  • How to continue manufacturing a product if it does well in the first test run
  • Bob’s book “Life’s a Pitch” and what it will teach you
  • A special Bob is offering to listeners to get your product pitch heard right away


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