January 18, 2024

Using AI For Your Real Estate Business, with Brian Hanson

Episode 151: Using AI For Your Real Estate Business

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

Valuable insights into the rapidly evolving world of AI, particularly in real estate and marketing, highlighting both its current applications and future potential.

  • Evolution of AI in Marketing and Real Estate:
    • AI’s role in replacing traditional methods with automation and efficiency.
    • Cost-effectiveness of AI tools in comparison to traditional methods.
  • AI’s Transformational Impact:
    • AI’s ability to conduct real conversations through chatbots and other mediums.
    • AI’s role in scaling business operations rapidly and efficiently.
  • Future Prospects of AI:
    • Predictions about the advancement of AI (AGI) and its potential impact.
    • Discussion on the precautions and ethical considerations of AI’s power.
  • Real-Life Applications of AI:
    • AI’s use in marketing, lead generation, and customer interaction.
    • Examples of AI automating tasks like trip planning and content creation.
  • AI and Real Estate Specifics:
    • The role of AI in generating leads and optimizing marketing efforts.
    • AI’s ability to conduct numerous, tailored conversations simultaneously.
  • AI’s Accessibility and User-Friendliness:
    • Emphasis on the ease of using AI even for those with limited technical knowledge.
    • Discussion on the future of AI in business and its necessity for staying competitive.


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