November 18, 2020

The Fast, Easy Way to Find Deals, with Caleb Pearson

Episode 93:

Caleb is an Investor, Real Estate Broker and owner of a real estate investment online application Caleb has had his real estate license for 7+ years. He bought and has owned his own REMAX franchise for 5 years. For the last three years his real estate team has been the number one REMAX team in homes sold in the state of South Carolina. He has sold close to 1000 homes in his career. Three years ago he started a real estate investment company and has since bought and flipped over 150 homes. He currently owns close to 120 rental properties.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Caleb’s software, ZoomOffers, makes finding deals and making offers through MLS much more time-efficient
  • How the ZoomOffers app works, and how you can use it to make simplified, automated offers for homes listed through MLS
  • What basic search criteria Caleb recommends you use as filters to find ideal real estate deals through ZoomOffers
  • How the ZoomOffers app contacts the listing agent on your behalf to make an offer, and how it will even auto-populate and send off contracts to the agent for you
  • How the ZoomOffers app receives a response back from around 80% of the contacted sellers, and why the app is ideal for increasing your wins over time
  • Why it is important to do due diligence and ensure that the property is in the right condition for the price
  • How to get started by learning to use the ZoomOffers app by watching a short four-minute instructional tutorial video
  • Why the app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and why the cost is a bargain compared to the profits you can make from the app


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