August 30, 2023

Mindset Momentum to Grow Your Wealth, with Clayton Massey

Episode 145:

Clayton Massey, an experienced Real Estate Investor, has been deeply involved in property transactions since 2019. His remarkable journey commenced when he was a novice in the realm of real estate entrepreneurship, seeking a way to transform his financial situation. Despite facing financial hardship, he quickly uncovered innovative strategies for buying and selling real estate. One of his earliest investments started with a modest $2,000, which rapidly grew to an impressive $163,000 through just three successful deals. This initial triumph thrust him into the limelight, establishing him as one of Ron LeGrand’s real estate mentors.

Clayton has uncovered a method to unravel the code of a defeated mindset. He pioneers a fresh approach to connecting with buyers and sellers over the phone, teaching his students how to conquer their personal fears and transcend their challenges. This guidance helps them move from the “I can’t” mentality to the “I amazingly did it with ease” mindset, ultimately empowering them to step into a realm of incredible confidence and achieve success beyond their previous limitations.

Apart from his real estate ventures, Clayton calls Paducah, KY, his home. For the past 32 years, he has wholeheartedly dedicated his time to both full-time and part-time ministry Pastoring within his local church and traveling the country speaking to people of all ages into accumulated thousands. Clayton shares a loving bond of 30 years with his cherished wife, Panzy, and together, they are blessed with nine beautiful children.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What got Clayton into real estate
  • Why Clayton was convinced to attend Ron’s bootcamp in 2019, even though he was broke
  • How long it took Clayton to get his first deal after attending Ron’s bootcamp
  • How Clayton was able to overcome his fear and reluctance to master the necessary phone calls
  • What helps Clayton determine if wholesale or rehab is the right decision
  • Why it doesn’t matter what leads cost as long as you follow up and turn them into deals
  • How Clayton’s mindset change resulted in him topping a million dollars
  • Clayton’s advice for avoiding the mistakes he made along the way


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