November 6, 2019

Generating Great Leads Online, with Cris Chico

Episode 69:

Cris Chico is an experienced real estate investor and coach who started investing back in 2003. Cris coined the term “Virtual Wholesaling”, finding and flipping properties anywhere in the United States using just a cell phone and laptop, in 2007. Cris also pioneered the use of ugly postcards and 24-hour recorded messages long before they became popular. Today, Cris teaches real estate investors the same methods he uses to flip houses they’ve never even seen, without needing to meet a buyer or seller.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Cris was determined to create a system of finding motivated sellers using the internet
  • Why Facebook is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools you have at your disposal to find motivated sellers online
  • How to get started using Facebook for your real estate deals by creating a Facebook business page
  • Why it’s more effective to take a personal approach to your Facebook page rather than looking overly corporate, and why you should go wide rather than tightly targeted
  • Why modern technological tools like Google Streetview have made it possible to invest outside your local area
  • Why it only costs around $10 per lead to run ads on Facebook, and why you should be averaging just $25 a day in ads
  • Why Cris’s digital lead generation strategies work in both the ugly house and pretty house businesses
  • Why it’s important to create ads that are conversational and make you sound like a person, not a business
  • How to target specific types of properties through your ads, and why Facebook is a great companion to direct-mail marketing

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