July 22, 2020

The Basics of Seller Financing, with Debbie Waters

Episode 86:

Debbie Waters is an experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated ability to create and implement both strategic and tactical marketing campaigns in the direct-response, information marketing space. At Global Publishing, Debbie is a highly effective, numbers-driven, and results-oriented marketer with the ability to quickly assess success or failure of campaigns and make necessary adjustments for the highest conversion and most profitable ROI.

In this unique episode of the Mentor Podcast, Debbie asks Ron LeGrand common questions from his Gold Club students about seller financing to help you better understand this powerful and unique deal structure.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ron explains what seller financing is and why it’s distinct and very different from lease option deals, and Ron explains why seller financing is his favorite kind of deal
  • Why seller financing is strictly better for sellers than subject-to deals, with rare exceptions, and why the buyer always is responsible for taxes and insurance
  • What to do in a hypothetical scenario where the seller wants to only seller finance for five years and your buyer can’t pay the loan off before that time
  • How the Dodd-Frank Act does (and does not) affect your real estate business and likely isn’t a problem you will run into
  • Why sellers often don’t ask for or expect interest on their free-and-clear property under seller financing
  • Why sometimes it’s worth making a down payment in many scenarios, even if most ozf your deals are zero down payment
  • Debbie and Ron reveal some of Ron’s exciting upcoming must-attend events and how to register for them


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