January 30, 2019

Debbie Waters

Episode 39: Turning the Tables on Ron LeGrand, with Debbie Waters

Debbie Waters, Marketing Director of Global Publishing goes on record with Ron in this episode of The Mentor Podcast to discuss recession proofing your business and personal affairs for when the next one hits. Not that Ron believes it’s any time imminent or not at least for the next 2 years, but the power of Congress could certainly play a role in the future…

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Special guest Debbie Waters turns the tables and interviews Ron for his thoughts on the potential of a coming recession
  • What specific changes take place during a recession, and how to go into a recession as prepared as possible
  • Why you should work on getting rid of personally guaranteed debt and consider liquidating properties now
  • How to continue to operate in real estate while making yourself as recession-proof as you can be
  • How the 2008 market crash personally impacted Ron’s business, and how he managed to recover
  • Why cash flow is king, and why you need to increase your monthly cash flow to many times what you need to live on
  • How new construction growth impacts the existing housing market, and why the math on high-end homes is very narrow
  • Why houses under $500,000 are much more stable and recession-resistant than the premium home market

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  1. Kyle Roemmich says:

    Really enjoy the podcasts. Thank you !

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