August 23, 2023

Crowdfunding in Real Estate, with Dr. Adam Gower

Episode 144:

Dr. Adam Gower is a bilingual, 30-year veteran in real estate, banking, and finance who earned his Ph.D. in banking history at the University College London. He has held senior management positions at some of the largest companies and institutions in the world and is recognized as an industry thought leader on the impact of crowdfunding on real estate.

During the 1990’s he lived in Japan, working as the President and CEO of a major Hollywood studio developing their real estate portfolio throughout the Asia Pacific Region. After the financial crisis of 2008 had taken hold, Dr. Gower was recruited to advise the largest regional bank in California on their asset disposition strategy, assisting them to divest of a large portfolio of real estate collateralized loans, and subsequently in doubling the institution’s size.

He subsequently went on to work at Colony Capital, one of the world’s largest private equity real estate firms, where he worked on assets acquired with the FDIC as a result of the global financial crisis.

When the JOBS Act of 2012 was passed, Dr. Gower had been actively engaged in tech startup angel investing. He quickly realized that commercial real estate finance would be transformed by the new regulations by permitting equity to be raised online. Seeing that this would bring about a revolution in the industry he formed GowerCrowd, an agency geared to assisting real estate developers raise money for their projects, and to educating investors how to invest online.

Dr. Gower lives and works in California and has taught the only fully accredited university course in the country that focuses on how to raise money by and invest in crowdfunded real estate syndications. The course was a ‘flipped course’ allowing students to study the primary curriculum online, while engaging in practical learn-by-doing exercises in class.

He is host of an internationally syndicated podcast focused exclusively on real estate crowdfunding, The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show, Syndication in the Digital Age, and publishes one of the most popular real estate investing blogs on the web. Dr. Gower is author of several books focused on the history of real estate crowdfunding, real estate investing, and risk mitigation, with sales worldwide.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The difference between crowdfunding and real estate syndication
  • What is an accredited investor
  • Dr. Gower’s approach for establishing relationships with high-quality leads
  • What makes an effective project pitch deck
  • The services Dr. Gower and his team provide for their clients
  • When is the perfect time to go on the offense and start marketing hard


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