March 1, 2024

Part V of 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

Episode 156:

What you’ll learn about in this episode: 

In this enlightening episode of The Mentor Podcast, Ron LeGrand delves into the pivotal aspects of real estate investing, emphasizing the necessity of generating quality leads and mastering the closing call. He offers practical advice on avoiding common pitfalls such as wasteful marketing spending and the influence of dream stealers. By advocating for the use of proven scripts and strategic questioning, he guides investors towards making informed offers and understanding their exit strategies. He also highlights the significance of learning from mistakes and the inherent value of terms deals over cash transactions.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Key Ingredients to Success in Real Estate: The importance of generating quality leads and mastering the closing call to make deals happen.
  • Avoiding Wasteful Marketing Spending: Learning the closing call before investing heavily in marketing to ensure leads are effectively converted into deals.
  • Utilizing Scripts for Effective Communication: How following proven scripts can prevent talking yourself out of deals and improve negotiation skills.
  • Importance of Asking Questions: Techniques for making offers by asking the right questions and letting sellers provide the terms.
  • Avoiding Influence from Dream Stealers: Overcoming negativity from those who doubt your success in real estate investing.
  • Learning from Mistakes: Acknowledging that mistakes are part of the learning process and how to minimize their impact.
  • Knowing Your Exit Strategy Before Making Offers: Understanding how you’ll exit a deal influences the quality of the offer you make.
  • Generating Quality Leads Effectively: Strategies for lead generation without excessive spending, including door hanger campaigns and utilizing virtual assistants for online ads.
  • Handling Offers and Negotiations: Utilizing scripts and questions to guide negotiations and secure favorable terms.
  • Overcoming Common Mistakes in Buying: Insights into mistakes made when buying properties, such as overpaying and not knowing your exit strategy.
  • The Value of Terms Deals: The benefits of terms deals over cash deals, including continuous income and the potential for future paydays.
  • Preparing for the Next Session: Introduction to the upcoming session focused on mistakes made when selling houses and how to avoid them.

Closing Thoughts:

As we anticipate the next session on selling mistakes, this episode serves as a crucial guide for investors aiming to navigate the complexities of buying properties and securing profitable deals with confidence and expertise.

Connect with Ron: For more insights and strategies from Ron LeGrand, visit to learn how you can grow and protect your wealth through real estate investing.


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