March 8, 2024

Part VI of 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

Episode 157:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

In this informative session of The Mentor Podcast, Ron LeGrand continues his deep dive into the 32 fatal mistakes most real estate investors make, with a special focus on the selling process. Ron shares invaluable insights from his extensive experience to help you avoid common traps and boost your financial stability through real estate investing.

Key Topics Covered:                                                                           

  • The downside of renting houses versus the benefits of lease options, including securing large deposits and delegating repair responsibilities.
  • Understanding tenant buyers’ mindset and the advantage of collecting substantial upfront payments.
  • Strategies for lease optioning properties in less desirable areas and maximizing your income potential.
  • The importance of setting terms that deter tenant buyers from defaulting on payments.
  • Ron’s approach to selling properties without revealing the deposit or rent upfront, leveraging automation and systems for efficiency.
  • The significance of not underpricing your property and how to justify higher selling prices to potential buyers.
  • Using tax-advantaged entities such as Roth IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, and 1031 exchanges to enhance your real estate investments.
  • The critical mistake of pushing tenant buyers to cash you out and why it’s beneficial to maintain long-term control over your properties.

Closing Thoughts:

Ron wraps up this episode by encouraging listeners to apply the lessons learned to avoid the pitfalls that can hinder your real estate investment profits. Stay tuned for more expert guidance on achieving financial freedom through real estate.

Connect with Ron: For more insights and strategies from Ron LeGrand, visit to learn how you can grow and protect your wealth through real estate investing.


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