May 17, 2024

Building Wealth and Community: A Conversation with Dedric and Krystal Polite on Real Estate Success

Episode 164:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

In this episode of The Mentor Podcast, host Ron LeGrand is joined by Dedric and Krystal Polite, entrepreneurs recognized from their popular TV show on Hulu and A&E, “50/50 Flip.” Discover the unique strategies they employ in real estate to foster financial stability and generational wealth, all while managing a family and contributing positively to their community. The couple share their journey from corporate America to becoming influential real estate investors and television personalities.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Transition from Corporate to Real Estate: Dedric and Krystal detail their shift from traditional 9-5 jobs to full-time real estate investing, highlighting the initial challenges and learning curves they faced.
  • Reality TV Insights: Insights into the behind-the-scenes realities of filming a real estate-focused reality TV show, emphasizing the authenticity and daily business operations featured.
  • Community Impact and Affordable Housing: The Polites discuss their commitment to providing affordable housing and their contributions to the community, reflecting their upbringing in similar environments.
  • Diverse Investment Strategies: Exploration of various real estate strategies including wholesaling, buy-and-hold, flips, and creative financing, underscoring the importance of having multiple exit strategies in the business.
  • Mentorship and Education: The significant role of mentorship and proper education in real estate success, as well as the couple’s experiences with early mistakes and how they shaped their approach.
  • Creative Financing and Seller Financing: They share insights on creative financing and seller financing, which have been pivotal in scaling their real estate ventures.
  • Long-term Goals and Generational Wealth: Discussion on their long-term goals, including building generational wealth and impacting others by opening doors to real estate opportunities.
  • Advice for New Investors: The Polites offer advice to new investors, stressing persistence, education, and the reality of real estate investment not being a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.


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