January 22, 2020

Airbnb, Vacation Homes and Short-Term Rentals, with Eric Moeller

Episode 73:

Eric D. Moeller is the co-founder of STR Legends (Short-Term Rental Legends), a mastermind group dedicated to allowing short-term rental investors to come together to learn and network. Born and raised to a blue-collar family in New Jersey, Eric got his first taste of real estate investing at the early age of seventeen when he was mentored by a local investor. She taught him the ins and outs of real estate investing and by the age of nineteen Eric had purchased his first property. Over the years Eric went on to purchase, renovate and sell hundreds of homes throughout New Jersey.

In 2016, Eric made the move to sunny San Diego to launch Homtel, an Airbnb co-hosting, leasing, and investment company that specializes in hosting the most unique homes in the most unique parts of the world. He was quickly named a super host and is currently managing listings throughout southern California and is quickly expanding into new markets.

Eric’s passions are in Muay Thai, travel (while staying in Airbnbs, of course), and helping teach and mentor other entrepreneurs in Real Estate, Airbnb, and business. Eric is a certified Hypnotherapist and is a certified practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Eric chose to leave the single-family home and apartment building investing niche to pursue AirBNB and short-term rentals
  • How Eric’s model leverages investors’ properties with minimal investment, and how his short-term rental model on Airbnb works
  • How Eric and his team approach property owners with two different offers, one tailored for risk-averse owners and the other offering higher returns
  • Why rapidly changing short-term rental laws all over the world mean it is important to research your local laws before getting started
  • Why Airbnb rentals work in any real estate market where hotels are found, not just in “vacation destinations”
  • Why the vast majority of the work involved in short-term rentals is outsourced and managed through technology
  • What kind of upfront costs you can expect to spend initially furnishing a short-term property rental
  • What formula Eric and his team use to determine the anticipated profitability of a leased property
  • How technology like keypad locks and camera streams allow Eric and his team to run short-term rental properties anywhere in the world


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