August 18, 2021

Building Up Instead of Out, with Gabe DaSilva

Episode 111:

Gabriel DaSilva, Founder and President of DaSilva Group Inc., is a serial entrepreneur with humble roots. He is a second generation builder and first generation Portuguese American, the first to graduate college in his family. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seton Hall University, with a Bachelors in Finance, and again later with a MBA in Financial Markets, Instruments and Institutions. He also received a MS from NYU Real Estate Finance.

Gabriel held several positions in both private and corporate finance organizations in Greater New York City after graduating. But after a string of market related layoffs that left his head spinning, he took the opportunity to follow his entrepreneurial passion and launched his first business, a fast casual restaurant concept. He designed, built, operated and later sold the concept, to pursue a legacy ingrained in him at a young age, returning to the real estate space.

DaSilva Group Inc, was formed, and has since launched multiple other subsidiary businesses. DaSilva Homes, the development division, specializes in residential renovations, specifically taking dated capes and ranches, and transforming them into beautiful modern colonials. DaSilva Homes has won numerous awards by the National Association of Home Builders, Metropolitan Chapter, including Best Home Renovation, Best Kitchen and Best Bathroom.

Gabriel has been coined “Mr. Add-A-Level” for his extensive knowledge of construction heavy renovations. Gabriel specializes in implementing effective profitability optimization strategies & systems, and conducting complex financial valuations and analyses. He hosts a variety of educational events, including the “Add-A-Level Bus Tour” “Fix & Flip Foundation Workshop” and “Real Estate Riches Mastermind”. He is passionate about teaching, growing, and inspiring others to systematically operate their businesses and reach their peak potential.

In addition to his entrepreneurial passions, Gabriel believes in giving back, and is zealous with his philanthropic efforts. He travels to Guatemala annually on missions trips to build homes and support the community of Zacapa.

Learn more about all of Gabe’s projects at
He has been featured on “The BiggerPockets Podcast” discussing six-figure house flipping.

Gabe also created the docuseries “The Build.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Gabe shifted from running a restaurant and working in food service to moving into fix-and-flip investing
  • How adding value is the cornerstone of Gabe’s business, and how the right systems and people serve as the doorway to getting into a new area for the first time
  • How Gabe’s business model creates opportunities and turns big profits, and how market conditions right now are impacting the business
  • How adding a second story completely refreshes the value of a property, and how Gabe looks at zoning restrictions as his first step
  • Why working directly with homeowners is too cumbersome to be worthwhile, and why the team is doing 8-10 of these big renovations per year
  • How Gabe’s business is structured to ensure consistency, efficiency and profitability with each of their projects
  • Gabe breaks down the numbers behind his big “add-a-level” renovations that make them so profitable
  • How Gabe developed a full curriculum, the “Fix and Flip Foundation Formula” that he teaches to students all across North America


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