February 16, 2022

Building A Rental Property Portfolio, with Gregg Cohen

Episode 118:

Gregg Cohen didn’t choose the entrepreneur life. The entrepreneur’s life chose him. Gregg was raised to believe that with hard work he could climb the company ladder, but a year and a half at Johnson & Johnson left him disillusioned, depressed, and demoralized. Exhausted by cutthroat corporate culture, Gregg decided it was time to take a leap of faith. So, in 2006 he quit his corporate job and started JWB Real Estate Capital with his best friend from high school, Alex Sifakis. Owning his own company allowed Gregg the opportunity to build his business with the elements he wanted: a strong team culture, a passion for alternative financial investments, and the ability to cater to like-minded clients. Based on his own success with rental properties (even during the 2008 market crash), Gregg wanted to offer his expertise to make it easy for clients to invest their money in a different way. And he doesn’t just invest in his clients—he invests in the Jacksonville, Florida, community as well. With thriving employees and a thriving local community, Gregg believes his business can help his clients thrive, too. Gregg doesn’t just want to own a successful business; he wants to change people’s lives. And real estate investment is the vehicle that helps him do both.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Gregg selects clients that want to buy and hold for at least five years
  • How rents continue to climb, even during a recession period
  • Why having lease-option deals can be more beneficial than having traditional tenants
  • How Gregg’s company was able to purchase more than 900 properties in 2021
  • Why hasn’t Gregg begun building subdivisions and what are the challenges of developing subdivisions
  • What does Gregg plan on doing long term, and does have an exit plan

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