May 2, 2018

Your Fix And Flip Skills Can Lead To Greater Real Estate Acquisition, with Hector Padilla

Episode 2:

Hector Padilla got his big start in real estate acquisition and investment through the fix and flip business. In his short years in the industry, he has purchased more than $84 million in property and is currently focused on apartment buildings and commercial office space. He has built up his own firm so that he can now enjoy thriving passive income with significant time freedom.

The journey to financial flexibility wasn’t easy. Padilla got his start in California in the early 2000s in a challenging market. He started by flipping houses when the market was down and enjoyed a surprising level of success before moving on to apartment buildings and setting even bigger challenges.

Along with his solid credentials as a licensed real estate broker, accredited investor, real estate columnist, proven syndicator, and professional speaker, Hector has closed on more than 1,000 transactions.

Hector now oversees HP Capital Investments specializing in property analysis, due diligence, structuring of acquisitions, rehabbing, and property management. He believes that the fundamental way to obtaining real wealth and exponential growth in a short period of time is with a mentor.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to develop the self-esteem needed to set lofty real estate goals
  • The importance of a mentor to overall success
  • How to take action on skills and make adjustments in a busy marketplace
  • How Hector made the leap from single family to multiple family real estate investments
  • Financial freedom: how you can turn passive investing into true wealth
  • How a burnt down duplex was the key to Hector’s lucrative real estate portfolio
  • The strategy Hector loves: thinking big to get bigger deals
  • How focusing on fixer-uppers isn’t the right strategy to get started if you want to buy apartment buildings and commercial office space
  • Hector’s own personal online training for free on how to how to screen and analyze multiple family homes and commercial office space as viable investments
  • How to bring in smart equity partners to help fund larger deals
  • That the hardest part is finding the deals while the money is the easiest part of the equation
  • That lifestyle is the motivating factor that drives Hector to get out of bed each morning
  • Crystal Clear Clarity = Power: The Three CP
  • The three most powerful words you can say


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