April 26, 2018

Introducing The Mentor Podcast

Episode 1:

The Mentor Podcast: where the most highly motivated entrepreneurs come to get their weekly dose of financial stability with host Ron LeGrand, as well as other nationally recognized thought leaders who will teach you how to get, grow, and protect your wealth.

If you’re interested in making more money now, paying less taxes on the money when you do make it, protecting what you accumulate, growing wealth quickly, and retiring rich, that is what this podcast is going to be about.

Host Ron LeGrand will be interviewing the best of the best in the industry in their particular field. For example, your CPA may not be wealthy, but he’s a person we’d want on our team if we were wealthy and wanted to stay wealthy.

Ron is going to be interviewing those folks that are going to help you enrich your life and bring you very little known secrets that are not normally published. Sometimes he has to pry those secrets out of them. In fact, his job as a moderator is to translate for you and break it down into plain English.

You may know Ron as the real estate guy, and there will be a lot of discussions about real estate on this podcast.

In fact, some of them will be Ron doing personal lessons for you.

He’s been at it for 36 years and has bought and sold well over 3000 houses without using his money or credit, and he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people to do the same and still do to this very day.

Ron still teaches classes all over America and does live deals with students everywhere he goes. Since he’s been at it so long, Ron knows some people and is going to bring those people to you.

In fact, you’ll be asked to ask questions. There will be some sessions where Ron will do nothing but a Q and A session and others where he’ll be teaching you very important lessons probably stimulated by your questions.

Hold onto your hat. We have a lot of good things coming. Thanks for joining us!

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