August 5, 2020

The Young Investors Breaking the Rules in NYC, with Jake and Austin Deraaff

Episode 87:

Jake and Austin Deraaff are twin brothers based out of the “big apple.” After 24 long months of college, they knew this “traditional route” wasn’t the best option for them. After calling it quits and dropping out of school, they found an online course on how to make money in real estate with no money down.

After being told by every friend, family and colleague that they COULD NOT do it, they took a leap of faith and committed. After seven long months of NOT closing a deal, they finally made their first wholesale. That changed their lives and gave them proof of concept and the permission to take massive action into the real estate space.

Shortly afterwards, they did three more and then soon became close to 30. To date, the brothers have flipped and wholesaled around 60+ homes. Some of their flips have been promoted by local magazines.

Their goal is to own 250+ units by February 2021. Their mission to help people build wealth through real estate investing and give their partners safe and secure returns.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the brothers focus on single-family residential properties in the range of $450,000-600,000 in the city, with an average profit of $35,000 per deal
  • How their team is structured, how many rehab properties they’ve done, and the average profit per rehab
  • How the brothers have relocated their business to a physical office, and what they have planned for further expansion of their business
  • How hiring and delegating work to employees has been critical for their growth in 2020, and how the team will continue to expand going forward
  • How Jake and Austin find their investment deals through many different lead generation streams
  • Why taking massive action was critical for their success, and why their first year was their greatest challenge
  • What big mistakes the brothers made when starting out, and how they course corrected and began to see success
  • What challenges the brothers face operating in the competitive and challenging market of New York City
  • What surprising impact the outbreak of the global pandemic has had on Jake and Austin’s investing business


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