November 25, 2020

The 2-Day Blueprint to Tax Delinquent Real Estate, with Jason Palliser

Episode 94:

With 25+ years of experience, Jason Palliser has perfected the front end of real estate investment. His 2-Day Investment Blueprint delivers 30+ direct response off market funnels to take over markets across America. The Blueprint has produced thousands of homes in 138+ markets for hedge fund level companies. He sold a multi-million dollar real estate investment automation company that is still used today by some of the largest real estate education companies in the country. His specialties are systems, automation and the sharpest lead generation techniques without needing a big budget.

Having trained over 25,000 investors to date for a multiple of the biggest real estate investment training companies and TV shows, Jason knows where to plug the gaps in any investor’s biz that his consultant company touches. Process and systems win the game and his Blueprint delivers both.

Jason Palliser has perfected the back end of Real Estate Investment as well. Besides just mastering the front end of off-market real estate investment, his 2 Day Blueprint Build-outs also deliver superior investor negotiations with the Seller Waltz he teaches to clients big and small.

Whether training a 12 person acquisitions team for a hedge fund or the individual investor client, his Seller Waltz approach to closing sellers like an assassin is second to none. His techniques take the “Seller No” and turn it into a “Seller Yes” 10 different ways that make virtually every appointment a profitable one.

Outside real estate, he enjoys his Florida home with his lovely wife Jessica, along with his daughters Sydney and Eva. He loves traveling as much as he can. Thailand is his favorite place to visit and his eventual retirement spot. Other interests are everything active outdoors, music/music creation, and of course helping others.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jason helps his real estate investor clients scale up their investments through marketing with his 2-Day Investment Blueprint
  • Why delinquent tax properties are Jason’s favorite type of investment, and why homes heading toward tax sale are typically free and clear of mortgages
  • How Jason refined his methods through testing, and how Jason and his team built out a tax assistance program that differentiates them from their competition
  • How Jason’s delinquent tax system works step-by-step, from reaching out to delinquent owners to closing the deal
  • Why offering multiple flexible and creative solutions to delinquent owners is the key to Jason’s success
  • How to find out more about Jason’s 2-Day Investment Blueprint program, and how Jason is able to close on 1 out of every 4 delinquent homeowners his team speaks to
  • How Jason filters down the huge number of delinquent homes in an area to just the properties he wants to target
  • Why at-median or above-median properties can be a lucrative niche to work in, and why below-median is often a free-for-all
  • Why it is important to work with an attorney who understands the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 (HPA) so that you don’t run afoul of its rules
  • Why you should reach out to delinquent homeowners on your list in multiple different ways to maximize your responses


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