July 24, 2019

In the Path of Progress, with Jason Palmer

Episode 59:

Jason Palmer is a retired police officer from Jacksonville, FL who is now a full-time real estate investor and owes much of his success to Ron’s teachings. Jason’s main strategy has been wholesaling real estate, but he really loves doing term deals and the core of his business is now shifting to that strategy. Although he has historically focused primarily on residential investing, he has now been involved in several commercial deals that have proven to be very lucrative, the latest of which include partnerships with Ron himself.

Jason and his wife, Aislinn, have been married for nearly 16 years and have 4 children together. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How flipping vacant land can be extremely profitable with almost no strings attached
  • Why networking can be a quick and efficient route to your next property deal
  • How strategic zoning can increase the value of your property
  • The necessary steps to take when participating in a tax deed sale
  • The benefits and drawbacks of buying commercial
  • How to identify and invest in real estate without money or a contract
  • Different ways that developers and city hall can impact the valuation and use of your property
  • Where to look for property that is in the path of progress

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