July 18, 2018

How to Get More Money Than You Know What To Do With, with Jay Conner

Episode 13:

Jay Conner’s message is so critical to your wealth. The key to buying bank-owned properties in the current market is private money. Without it, you’re not going far. With it, you can buy four houses a month from your desk and get deals at 40-60 cents on the dollar.

Jay is a guy who’s made over a million per year in the last 8 years in a town of little more than 40K, and all while only working about 10 hours a month. It’s all due to private money. He’ll show you how he raised $2,100,000 in 90 days and give you the scripts and steps to do the same.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ron helped Jay make the most important business decision in his career
  • The large amount of money Jay has been able to net since going through Ron’s boot camp
  • How Ron turned his business around when the bank cut him off during the recession
  • Automating your business and how it can free up your life
  • What private lending is and how it differs from hard money
  • How Jay developed the problem of having more money from private lenders than he knows what to do with
  • What to say to put yourself in control with private money
  • The percent of the after repair value you should shoot for with a private lender
  • Points to make to private lenders to encourage them to invest their money
  • Disadvantages of investing in the stock market
  • How private lending gets even easier once you build trust
  • Where to find private lenders quickly and easily
  • Using the rule of five to find private lenders with hardly any effort
  • A short script to use to talk to your contacts about using their money for private lending
  • Why private lending can be called unlimited funding
  • What you can learn from Jay’s free online class
  • The hardest part of private lending
  • A sneak peek on a future podcast where Jay talks about how to find foreclosure
  • Why you don’t have to be in a big market to enjoy big income


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