February 15, 2023

Get Quality Leads Without Having to do the Work, with Jeff Charlton

Episode 139:

Jeff Charlton is President & CEO of Graphic Connections Group, which is an expert direct mail marketing, printing, and publishing company. They specialize in a vast printing array of customized advertising and branding solutions. Since 1992, they have helped put ideas into action for more than 10,000 organizations. Their expertise focuses on all aspects of direct mail, printing, self-publishing, and graphic design needs. Graphic Connections Group achieves unparalleled lead generation and bottom-line sales results for their clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why every real estate investor needs to be utilizing direct mail
  • How the quality of your mailing list will make or break your lead generation
  • What Graphic Connections Group can do for you to help you get quality leads without having to do the work
  • Why consistency is key for being top-of-mind when somebody is ready to sell
  • What characteristics make up a qualified lead


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