August 24, 2022

The Art of Short-Term Rental with Airbnb, with John Gerstenlauer and Scot Poirier

Episode 133:

John Gerstenlauer & Scot Poirier are the co-founders of Alpas Properties, LLC which is a local real estate investment company that buys, remodels, and sells homes. John and Scott created the Mastery of Short-Term Rentals course. They discovered the KEY to creating sustainable financial independence renting rooms, condos, apartments, and single-family homes – most of which we don’t even own – using the AirBnB platform.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How John and Scot have developed a turnkey operation to run a profitable and fairly hands-off, short-term rental business through Airbnb
  • Why automation is so essential for scaling your short-term Airbnb rental business
  • How you can leverage a long-term rental agreement so you never have to own property to run your Airbnb business
  • Why it’s important to always lease with an LLC that doesn’t own anything to protect yourself and your assets
  • Why you should look into thrift stores to furnish and decorate your short-term rentals – especially pieces that are easy to clean between stays


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