August 8, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency, with Jon Tarr

Episode 16:

Jonathon Tarr is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and early adopter of Cryptocurrency. Jon bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 on the advice of a friend and has been in love ever since. In 2017, Jon founded Totally Crypto which began as a way to educate both Advanced Crypto Enthusiasts and New Crypto people about all aspects of Crypto including mining, investing, trading, and holding as investment. This Facebook group was created to dispel the myths and cut through the hype of the Crypto market to give members the FACTS about Cryptocurrency, and it has now grown into the Internet’s largest Crypto community. Jon resides with his wife Dr. Catherin Tarr and son Jonathon in Dana Point California.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How bitcoin technology arose out of the 2008 financial crisis with a goal of currency decentralization
  • Why bitcoin, also called blockchain, is an up-and-coming investment
  • The rationale behind the thinking that bitcoin is the future of currency
  • Why Bitcoin hit a high in value in December 2017 and how a lot of people have gotten wealthy from it
  • Cryptocurrency: a new world market where a lot of technological entrepreneurs are raising money for their companies
  • Why there are currently at least 1,500 cryptocurrency companies (and why there will likely be a shakeup that will eliminate inferior companies)
  • Why Bitcoin and Ethereum are really strong organizations to watch
  • How 2017 was the year of the ICO (an ICO is an Initial Coin Offering, where people raise money for their technology, kind of like an IPO)
  • How interested people can buy whatever they can afford to invest, even just $5 or $10 of bitcoin, but they shouldn’t spend money they can’t afford to lose
  • Jon’s inexpensive book “The Crypto Manifesto” that simplifies things and helps readers decide what cryptocurrency to buy
  • Totally Crypto, the largest Facebook community on the topic, which has more than 10,000 followers
  • Why Jon is a big believer in buying and holding and why is the safest place to buy
  • Taking time to investigate cryptocurrency and how much of a lucrative endeavor it is


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