December 19, 2018

Two Very Different Markets, with Julie Casto and Joel Sangerman

Episode 35: Two Very Different Markets, with Julie Casto and Joel Sangerman

Joel Sangerman began investing in real estate as an asset diversification strategy in the 1990s. In 1997, Joel formed DMC Equities, Inc. and began buying and selling properties in Chicago with later expansion to Las Vegas. Joel has closed over $20 million in real estate deals using many different types of purchase and sale methods. Joel was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award in 2011 for his work in the best-selling business book, “Trendsetters.” His candid stock market views, coupled with innovative methods for using self-directed IRAs to diversify and profit in real estate, helped launch “Trendsetters” to best-seller status on Amazon. Being interviewed for blockbuster real estate educational courses and being included as a contributing author in the 2012 national best-selling real estate book, “Sold”, are great honors – given his approach to real estate investing has been secondary to an exciting corporate career. In the spirit of what Joel calls “personal bandwidth,” he is ignited with a dual passion for career and entrepreneurial pursuit that drives his success in both endeavors. Being able to operate successfully on a part-time basis is one of the major benefits of adding real estate investment to a portfolio of life activities. Joel has counseled hundreds of friends, colleagues, and contacts on developing the leadership and delegating the ability to accomplish real estate success without compromising careers or involvement in other passions.

Julie Casto is a real estate investor and sole proprietor of Ace Homebuyers LLC and Short Term Stays LLC both based in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She was born in 1963 and grew up in a small town in South-East Ohio across the river from West Virginia. She majored in Business Education. In 2006, they decided to attend a Ron LeGrand Seminar in Columbus Ohio. He taught them a better way to invest in real estate. It was a huge eye-opening experience for all of them. In 2013, they attended “The Great American Real Estate Conference” in Las Vegas Nevada and this time their son joined them. They enrolled in the Masterclasses offered by Ron Legrand, where they became very knowledgeable on how to buy with no money down. Since that they have done many deals and see no end in sight. She has also recently expanded her portfolio by opening a second business as an Airbnb host. She has properties in Hollywood Florida, Ohio & West Virginia. This has become a new focus for her and she plans to acquire properties everywhere she goes on vacation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Julie and Joel found Planet Ron and got involved in the real estate investment business
  • How Joel found a home listed at $1.6m by way of yellow letter, and how the deal didn’t go as planned
  • How Joel operates in real estate investing part-time while working in the healthcare industry
  • How Julie has found big success through Airbnb with homes all over the country
  • What Julie and Joel found to be their biggest roadblocks when they first got started in real estate
  • Why it’s critical to practice telephone scripts repeatedly until it becomes second nature
  • Why Joel prefers to work in higher-priced homes for bigger profits with the same amount of effort
  • Why Joel doesn’t care if the market is hot or cold, and his predictions for the Las Vegas market
  • What Julie and Joel consider to be the biggest mistakes they ever made, and how they overcame them

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  1. Jon Hunter says:

    I have been getting emails from Ron for years, about 2 or 3 years now. I have always been amazed at the knowledge Ron Legrand has in the career im passionate about. I was always intimidated by my lack of knowledge trying to fly under the radar. Now, I am making it my priority to learn and grow as a realtor. Please, keep in touch with me and follow up with me. I really want to learn everything possible about real estate, the freedom you teach is awesome, and i want to learn it all…

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