July 7, 2021

Doing the First Deal, with Kurt Dixon

Episode 110:

Kurt Dixon is a real estate investor from Austin, TX. He is originally from Jamaica, but moved to Texas when he was a small boy. Kurt heard about Ron LeGrand many years ago from his uncle, and Kurt decided last year to start Ron’s program because the terms business made sense to him. He needed something other than doing rehabs in houses or simply wholesaling houses, because he knew he only got a one-time payout every deal. So Kurt decided to learn about terms, because he saw the value in having residual income; it would build wealth and Kurt wouldn’t have to deal with tenants. In Kurt’s words, “I Saw the Light, it was clear as day that I can build wealth this way for my family and I”.

Kurt’s first deal took him a while, but he had faith in Ron’s system, and it paid off. Kurt was persistent despite obstacles that popped up. In the end he knew that if he followed the system, it would be only a matter of time before he completed that first deal. Kurt is very grateful for that now, obstacles and all.

He looks forward to building a very big business and becoming a real estate transaction engineer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Kurt was working in insurance before the pandemic, and how he has since switched to full-time real estate investing
  • How Kurt was able to complete his first deal using Ron’s mentoring, and what obstacles and experiences he had along the way
  • Kurt outlines how his first deal was structured, the numbers involved, and what important lessons he learned from completing it
  • How a surprise bidding war ended up helping Kurt get more for his property, and what steps he took to find the buyers
  • Why it took Kurt eleven months to find his first deal but only took a few days to actually complete the deal
  • Why Kurt took his training to heart and kept pushing, practicing and learning even when he was feeling discouraged
  • How doing his first deal has inspired Kurt and given him the confidence to keep going, pushing harder, and pursuing more deals


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