July 3, 2019

Painful but Valuable Lessons from the 2008 Market Crash, with Lee Kearney

Episode 56:

Lee Kearney is one of the nation’s most successful single-family real estate investors. Since 2004, he has bought/sold 7,000+ properties and is known as the expert in leveraging real estate market cycles. He now owns several real estate businesses in Florida, all operating under the Southeast Property Investments Network (SPIN) brand, to fix and flip properties across the U.S., with a total sales volume exceeding $50M in 2017. Lee taps into his expertise and passion for mentorship to educate others on leveraging market cycles to grow their own real estate businesses. His education platform FLIP YOUR INCOME offers several levels of training designed for beginning investors, mid-level operators who wish to scale their operations, and seasoned investors looking to manage their profits. In late 2013, Lee co-founded a medical marijuana startup dedicated to serving the medical cannabis market in Florida. This is slated to be a vertically integrated company that will manufacture and distribute a world-class medical product line, serving patients with severe or debilitating illnesses upon recommendation from a licensed physician in accordance with state regulatory guidelines. Lee also has sizeable investments in several other companies in different sectors with the income he’s generated from real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lee accidentally flipped his first condo and discovered a career in real estate investing
  • How Lee found a mentor who was already an established real estate investor, and how he made some important early mistakes that taught him key lessons
  • Why humility and a willingness to ask questions have been critical pillars of Lee’s success in real estate
  • How Lee went from $2 million in profits to $2 million in losses due to the 2008 real estate market crash, and how he bounced back from the massive setback
  • How Lee monitors changes to the market, how he adapts to those changes, and what kinds of deals Lee is doing these days
  • Why Lee believes the market is indicating a coming reset, and how his strategies are tailored to this coming reset
  • Why Lee realized that doing all the work himself was risky and was slowing him down, and why he recognized the need to do things more efficiently
  • What Lee will be teaching during his upcoming three-hour simulcast class, to be held on July 25th from 12pm-3pm eastern time
  • Why it is important to “run your own race, set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there”
  • What single piece of advice Lee would offer people about taking action and executing their training

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  1. Robert Klein says:

    Love it.

  2. Reginald Hilton says:

    Great interview helps me get my courage
    Up to start taking action and implementing my plan with Rons znd others help.

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