September 9, 2020

Automating Your Leads Using Chatbots, with Matt Leitz

Episode 91:

Matt Leitz is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in business automation. He works as a leader in the chat marketing industry, helping thousands of business owners across the world increase their sales, marketing, and support through the use of automated chatbots.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How, early in Matt’s real estate investing career, he realized the efficiency and effectiveness of automation, and how he got started using chatbots
  • Matt shares his winding career path as an entrepreneur and business leader, including real estate as well as a board game company
  • How chatbots work to help you generate leads, and how it is much more effective than trying to get leads to opt in to emails yourself
  • How the process of interacting with a chatbot works for both buyers and sellers, with the bot asking questions – similar to a form but in a much more interactive experience
  • How Matt and his team were able to build a bot that can even negotiate price with the people it interacts with
  • How bots can handle the potentially difficult conversations that new or hesitant real estate investors may be nervous about having
  • How users can create relatively inexpensive Facebook ads to easily funnel prospective buyers and sellers to the bot


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