March 2, 2022

Guerilla Marketing App that can Help Gain Leads, with Mike McCabe

Episode 120:

Delaware native Mike McCabe is co-founder of – the app that makes managing your field team “as simple as snapping a photo.”

Hundreds of businesses across different industries – real estate investors, concert promoters, contractors, and more – rely on SimpleCrew to manage their field teams.

Real estate investors use SimpleCrew to track their guerrilla marketing campaigns, such as yard signs and door hangers, in order to hold their employees accountable for their work.

Mike and his co-founder, Alan Vantoai, started SimpleCrew with a 40,000 USD grant from Startup Chile in 2013 and have been 100% self-funded ever since.

With a background in engineering and software development, Mike has helped countless businesses scale their field teams by implementing a simple system of accountability using SimpleCrew.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Who Mike McCabe is and how he started his business, SimpleCrew
  • How the SimpleCrew app effectively tracks guerilla marketing efforts in realtime to optimize accountability and coverage
  • What types of companies use SimpleCrew, and how its structure can benefit many different industries
  • How Mike took a simple idea and his skill set and turned it into a successful startup
  • Why Mike is taking current user feedback to help make the best product possible before determining his exit strategy
  • Mike’s tips for those looking to start their own business and why keeping things simple is essential for success


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