July 6, 2022

Making the Shift to Commercial Real Estate, with Neil Timmins

Episode 131:

Neil hails from Des Moines, Iowa.

In 2004, Neil was a banker. That same year, his mother had her debut year as a Realtor. She made twice what he made. It was then that Neil knew he had to move to Real Estate.

Neil’s entry point into the industry was as a Realtor with RE/MAX. His team was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 100 team and he was the #1 RE/MAX Agent in Iowa by 29.

Longing to quit forfeiting time for dollars, Neil moved into real estate investing. While he still owns a company that completes wholesale, novation, and rehab transactions, Neil’s passion is cash flow investing in commercial real estate. Like so many other investors, Neil began with single-family homes but has progressed into assets consisting of apartments, offices, and industrial space. Over the course of his career, Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions.

In 2021 Neil published his first book, Unicorn Hunting for Real Estate Investment Companies: How to Easily Attract, Screen, and Land a Unicorn. The book is tailored to helping real estate investors find and retain top talent through the strategic systemization of hiring. Neil also hosts his own podcast, “Real Grit” where he pulls back the curtain on real estate investing through interviews with industry titans. “Real Grit” provides listeners with the tools they need to secure their lasting real estate legacy!

Recently, Neil and his team launched the Legacy Impact Partner Program where they partner with fix and flip investors from around the country. Neil’s team brings capital to fund and fix rehabs, operational expertise, and years of experience catapulting their partner’s business to new heights.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Neil’s real estate investment journey and why the benefits, leverage opportunities, and time caused him to shift toward commercial real estate
  • How combining commercial and residential real estate in your portfolio can help you round out your experiences to improve in both areas
  • What substitution of collateral means, and how to properly use it to fund future projects
  • What a cap rate is, and why Neil prefers to focus on the rate of return instead
  • Neil’s top advice for anyone looking to get into real estate investing


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