March 3, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Assistants, with Pam Patton

Episode 103:

Pamela Patton is the Director of Ron’s Eagle VA Service. She and her team of VA’s have helped real estate investors save time, and find more deals through the use of systemization and automation. She has become an expert in getting her clients organized with the use of DREAMS, which has become the hub of their business.

Pam works with clients of all levels, whether they are just starting out, or they are expert real estate investors, to streamline their workflow and simplify the pre-screening process by taking a lot of the grunt work off their plates so they can focus on making decisions and following up. She can help you do the same.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Virtual Assistants (VAs) do to help investors by dealing with much of the heavy lifting, and what tasks they can take over for you
  • How the process of hiring and employing a VA works, and why putting a VA to work for you makes good sense
  • Why one of the biggest things VAs can do for investors is call on leads, and why only around 25% of total leads come back with property information sheets
  • How your Virtual Assistant can manage your website and your customer relationship management (CRM) system on your behalf
  • How you can purchase VA time in blocks as you need it, and what kinds of one-time fees and costs are involved
  • What other key functions a VA can manage for you, and how Ron and his team have streamlined the process
  • How Pam and her team of VAs were able to make over 67,000 calls on leads in the last month for Gold Club Members
  • How hiring a Gold Club VA actually gets you an entire team of VAs to work for you but gives you a primary VA to coordinate things behind the scenes for you
  • What happens if you have any issues dealing with a VA, and what kind of communication turn-around time you should expect
  • What other key factors to keep in mind before sending in a list of leads for your VAs to begin calling on

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