January 25, 2024

Episode 152: Part I – 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

Episode 152: Part I – 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

What You’ll Learn About in this Episode:

Ron shares his observations on common mistakes in real estate investing, drawing from over 42 years of experience and over 3000 deals.

  • He emphasizes that real estate investing does not require personal funds. Examples of wholesale deals are provided to illustrate making money with no risk.
  • You’ll hear various aspects of real estate investing, including operations as well as buying and selling mistakes.
  • Ron discusses the difference between cash deals and terms deals in real estate, highlighting the benefits of each.
  • He shares insights on wholesaling houses, including how to find sellers, get contracts, and flip contracts for profit.
  • The importance of not using personal credit in real estate deals is emphasized, with Ron advocating for non-recourse debt.
  • Strategies for dealing with owner financing, lease purchasing, and subject-to deals are explained.
  • Ron explains the benefits of working with private lenders and avoiding conventional bank loans.
  • The podcast covers the risks of refinancing and the advantages of non-recourse debt.
  • Ron advises against guaranteeing debt and stresses the importance of proper training and management in real estate.


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