December 2, 2020

Doing Virtual Deals, with Paul Lizell

Episode 95:

Founder of JP Homes Inc.,, and, Paul Lizell has been a successful real estate investor since 2001. He has bought and sold hundreds of properties nationwide during his investing career. Paul is the host of the podcast “Flipping Out” a virtual investing podcast. As a graduate of Drexel University, Paul attributes his success in business and investing to coaching, education and systems.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Paul initially got started in real estate in the fix-and-flip niche, and why he moved into wholesaling after the 2008 market crash
  • Why Paul’s business focuses almost exclusively on real estate deals discovered through online auctions and bank REOs, and why he does no direct mail marketing
  • How Paul works with his private lenders, and how he structures and closes on the deals he lines up
  • How Paul and his small team determine what to offer for an auction, and what criteria Paul looks for in an auctioned property
  • How Paul researches properties digitally through the use of BPO Photo Flow, realtors or contractors to see images of the condition of a property
  • How Paul markets the properties he purchases, and why he is looking into doing national-level advertising
  • What happens in the rare event that Paul pays too much for a property, and why getting creative is the key to fixing these situations
  • Why Paul believes there are always deals to be found, no matter how hot your local market seems to be
  • Why the trend has been moving toward virtual purchases, and why the global pandemic has dramatically accelerated this trend
  • How to learn more about Paul’s virtual real estate investing methods, and how to join Paul’s REO Auction facebook group


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