May 16, 2018

How to Prevent Your Identity From Being Stolen, with Paul Ritter

Episode 4:

Paul Ritter has over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage and credit enhancement industries. He has developed software, which invokes mortgage-underwriting guidelines. It is very useful for anyone looking to buy a home, wants to run “what if” scenarios and is especially useful for Lease Option transactions. Paul has formerly owned and operated several mortgage companies. He is currently the owner of Credit Investigation Service, dba My Credit Team that specializes in credit enhancement for the Real Estate Industry. He also owns a screening company, which provides the front-end piece to evaluate potential tenant/buyers. He is an expert in building Business Credit. Paul is well versed in identity theft protection and repairing a credit report after an ID theft incident. He is FICO certified, an expert in his field and a national sought after speaker.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Paul’s credit enhancement company
  • The Equifax data breach
  • How Equifax is profiting from this data breach — and why that means it isn’t going away
  • The role the dark web plays in this
  • Why your identity is much more valuable than your money — and why this data breach is very dangerous in that regard
  • Why you need to use different passwords for every login
  • Why Paul recommends using LegalShield’s IDShield program to protect yourself
  • How to find out if you’ve been breached — and why you shouldn’t pay Equifax if you have been breached
  • The steps you can take if you have been breached to return to safety
  • Why even people with bad credit can have their identity stolen


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