November 24, 2021

Finding Senior Living Leads, with Phillip Vincent

Episode 114:

Phillip Vincent’s Bio:

As a St. Louis native, Phillip’s passion is Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey. When he’s not watching sports or with his family, he’s helping other families solve big problems by buying houses. While he started as a home builder and developer, he quickly transitioned to buying houses from seniors or adult children.

Over the last 22 years, Phillip has bought hundreds of houses and has a passion for working with families; his sellers love him! There isn’t much he hasn’t seen, so creativity and care are his go-to when it comes to buying houses and helping families solve some of their biggest problems. It’s his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making the home selling process easier for seniors that led him to create this nationwide network of Mom’s House Certified Buyers.

Phillip has two young sons, Drake and Sterling, and a super wife, Melissa, who’s all he could have ever dreamed of. (Well, except maybe his lifelong dream to one day own the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. #baseballnut) He is an avid tennis player and also loves playing hockey with his two boys. Phillip volunteers for multiple charities, including Brace for IMPACT 46, an organization that supports youth programming in both St. Louis and Haiti, and Special Spaces, which builds custom rooms for terminally ill children suffering from cancer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Phillip believes that the best leads in the real estate industry are coming from the senior living industry
  • What happens when most seniors need 24-hour care and can no longer live alone
  • Who should investors speak to if they’re looking to find leads in the senior living industry
  • What is a placement agent, and what do they do in the senior living industry
  • How to find pre-probate deals by networking with the right people
  • Why Philip has coined the term “mom’s house”


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