April 24, 2019

A Q&A Session with Ron LeGrand Part 1

Episode 48:

You may know Ron LeGrand as the real estate guy. He’s been at it for 36 years and has bought and sold well over 3000 houses without using his money or credit, and he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people to do the same and still do to this very day. Ron still teaches classes all over America and does live deals with students everywhere he goes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Bill asks: what are the best ways to buy tenant buyers? Ron answers that he uses an online page with pictures and a description of the house and a call to action, and he shares the next steps he takes.
  • Beverly asks: is there a way to network with other Ron LeGrand Gold Club members? Ron explains that there is a form on the Gold Club site and brings Nick in to explain how to use the form and where it is found.
  • Ron shares how to reach out and contact him and his team with any real estate questions you may have, as well as how to become an affiliate.
  • Ron shares information on his CRM system, how to get access to it, and what services it offers.
  • Ron roleplays with Beverly and runs through his brand new “no script”, showing how to overcome common objections sellers may have.
  • Josh asks: how do I overcome objections from potential investors hesitant to loan money to my LLC? Ron answers that it’s important to bring benefits to an investor and discuss a real property, rather than hypothetical returns they might see. Ron also explains how potential investors can move their retirement funds into a self-directed IRA.

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