November 21, 2018

How to Make 2019 Your Best Year, with Ron LeGrand

Episode 31:

You may know Ron LeGrand as the real estate guy. He’s been at it for 36 years and has bought and sold well over 3000 houses without using his money or credit, and he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people to do the same and still do to this very day. Ron still teaches classes all over America and does live deals with students everywhere he goes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How you can make more money and keep more of it through the Real Estate Summit held in Nashville on January 30th
  • Everything you need to know about Ron’s Thanksgiving sale that starts today at 5 p.m.



  1. Jean says:

    RonHappy thanksgiving.I don’t start yet.what is proper way to start and more importantly how can I make some deals in another city?.For instense if I leave in phily how do I sign a deal with a motivated seller in Jacksonville?.

    1. Debbie Waters says:

      Hi Jean, Sorry for the late reply as we had technical difficulties with our comments not posting. I’ll have a course advisor contact you in case you haven’t already spoken to someone! Thanks!

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