March 20, 2019

Mastering the Phone, with Ron LeGrand

Episode 44:

You may know Ron LeGrand as the real estate guy. He’s been at it for 36 years and has bought and sold well over 3000 houses without using his money or credit, and he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people to do the same and still do to this very day. Ron still teaches classes all over America and does live deals with students everywhere he goes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why your telephone skills and mastering phone calls with sellers is a vital skill you need to practice
  • What “terms” are, and how they greatly differ from the ugly house business to the pretty house business
  • Why the right terms are the key to the pretty house business, and why it is important to find a seller who will accept monthly payments under non-recourse terms
  • Why there are three types of terms, what they are, how each differs, and when each is most relevant
  • How Ron structures his deals to ensure that they are profitable, and why phone calls with the seller are the key to making fast, easy money
  • How Ron’s telephone script and its questions can help you filter leads and find the sellers who are willing to accept monthly payments
  • What four common mistakes most people make on the phone that can lead to pitfalls in the conversation, and how to avoid them
  • Ron gets on a mock call with his associate Debbie, as a case study to properly make a call with a seller who indicates they will accept terms
  • Ron and Debbie give examples of common seller objections to Ron’s three easy scripted questions
  • Hear another mock call, with Debbie playing a seller who indicates that she would not be interested in accepting monthly payment terms

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