April 15, 2020

Tools and Apps for Doing Your Deals Remotely, with Sophia Grigio

Episode 80:

Sophia Grigio is a Real Estate Investor who bought her first property after ordering Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start School Manual in October of 2015. She is a perfect example of taking action. Having no prior experience in Real Estate, she began reading the manual and before even attending class, she had a duplex locked up and gained her first payday. She now works Real Estate full time with one assistant and 2 other team members and specializes in the Pretty House business.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she has been living in beautiful Florida since 2000. She also owns a water company and has a private label Aphrodisiac water called Dirty Water. Sophia receives a lot of enjoyment out of being a host for AIRBNB and recently attained Superhost for the last 3 months… all thanks to a program Ron LeGrand offered.

She loves horseback riding, and she boards her horse at a rescue in South Florida. She likes boarding him there because it helps pay for the rescued horses. Sophia also enjoys going to the beach, jet-skiing, and attending Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Sophia focuses her work on subject-to and owner financing deals in the terms niche rather than wholesaling properties
  • How Sophia operates her business in multiple states even though all of her staff is located in Florida
  • How Sophia and her team generate leads, and how Sophia follows up VA conversations with a request for a virtual walkthrough on a Facebook video call
  • How Sophia has sellers sign documentation and return it to her by scanning it using the CamScanner app for their smartphones, to make the interaction easy
  • How Sophia uses Ron’s Gold Club lists to find attorneys who can close her deals in each state
  • How Sophia uses the same marketing and advertising methods to find buyers as she uses to find sellers
  • How Sophia’s buyer process works to collect a front-end deposit and an average down payment of between $10,000-30,000
  • Why Sophia sets her tenant buyers up from the start to think more like owners and less like tenants to ensure that she gets paid
  • Why Sophia had to work to overcome her fear of the phone when she first got started with Ron’s systems, and why the Mastering the Phone course made all the difference
  • Why recording your phone calls and playing them back later can help you identify the mistakes you are making



  1. Steve says:

    This is not playing correctly. The time stamp is off. When a rewind close to the end, I go back to almost the middle. Should me re-uploaded.

    1. Debbie Waters says:

      Hi Steve, seems to be working fine on our end. Perhaps try reloading.

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