November 7, 2018

An Inspiring Student Success Story, with Sophia Grigio

Episode 29:

Sophia Grigio is a Real Estate Investor who bought her first property after ordering Ron Le Grands Quick Start School Manual in Oct of 2015. She  is a perfect example of taking Action, having no prior experience in Real Estate, she began reading the manual and before even attending class had a duplex locked up, and gained her first payday. She now works Real Estate full time with one assistant and 2 other team members and specializes in the Pretty House business.

Originally from Philadelphia Pa. she has been living in beautiful Florida since 2000.  She also currently owns a water company and has a private label Aphrodisiac water called Dirty Water!

She also receives a lot of enjoyment out of being a host for AIRBNB and recently attained Superhost for the last 3 months. All thanks to a program Ron LeGrand offered…

She loves to ride her horse that is boarded at a rescue in S Florida. She likes boarding him there because it helps pay for the rescued horses. She also enjoys  going to the beach, jet skiing and attending Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale.

Her Goal future goal is to join Ron’s group of 7-figure earners in the next 3 years 😉

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Sophia got started in real estate by wholesaling her first deal in 2015 using Ron LeGrand’s course as guidance
  • Why Sophia uses an attorney to represent her at closing and for legal issues that might arise
  • Sophia shares the story behind her most recent property deal, and the steps she took to get to closing
  • How Sophia plans exit strategies for short-term deals in the event the outcome doesn’t go the way she expects
  • Why finding a mentor early on was crucial for Sophia’s real estate success
  • How Sophia has adjusted to operating in a high-value market, and what challenges and opportunities that poses
  • Which methods Sophia uses to advertise her business and track down and secure leads
  • Why Sophia has had to adjust her strategies and determine which lead generation methods have been working and which haven’t
  • What challenges Sophia faced when she was starting out in real estate, and her advice to new investors
  • Sophia’s plans for the future of her business, and how she plans to expand to the next level

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  1. Mark Hershberger says:

    Another great interview. She had the same issues I have now. Starting monies to do the first deal. She just did it though then got trained.

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