June 22, 2022

Summit Discussion Part Two, with Pace Morby and Jamil Damji

Episode 129:

When two worlds collide and the Godfather of Real Estate sits down with two of today’s most recognized and popular real estate investors turned A&E stars of the hit show, “Triple Digit Flip,” the real show begins!

Ron recently chatted virtually with Pace Morby and Jamil Damji of the A&E house flipping hit show to discuss their rise to fame!

Pace and Jamil, two humble family men who credit much of their success with their investing business to Ron, share their incredible journey in this hour and a half interview teaching lessons learned along the way, mistakes they’ve made, and lots of words of wisdom for both new and seasoned investors alike.

From their humble beginnings to the fate that brought them together to the irony of using comedic YouTube videos gone viral, and how they ended up where they stand today, it’s an interview you won’t want to miss.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Pace utilizes cost segregation and depreciation in his properties to offset his income tax
  • What the filming schedule looks like for Pace and Jamil, and why it forced them to learn to delegate within their own businesses
  • Why Pace and Jamil choose to spend so much time filming the show, despite the fact that it doesn’t pay very much
  • Why Pace and Jamil urged A&E to allow them to operate as professionals on the show in order to give viewers a realistic view of real estate investing
  • How Jamil’s franchise business has put him in the position to make a quarter-billion-dollar exit, and what is next for him


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