April 3, 2019

Taking a Step Back and Having Some Fun, with Beverly LeGrand and Tish Hill

Episode 46:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Beverly met Ron when he was still in high school in 1965, while she was on a date with Ron’s friend
  • How Ron and Beverly’s first date ended in the back seat of his car, when the concrete block holding his front seat upshifted and the seat collapsed
  • When Beverly realized that she wanted to marry Ron, how they got married after six months of dating, and how they grew their family
  • How their early years together were difficult, always struggling for enough money to pay the bills
  • How Beverly handled Ron’s initial forays into real estate, and how things turned out differently than expected
  • What Beverly does for fun, including gardening and going to the casinos to play video poker a few times a year
  • Why Beverly seldom travels with Ron these days, and how she feels about Ron traveling around the country so often
  • Why Beverly expects that Ron will never retire, and how she feels about Ron’s dedication to and love of his work
  • What Beverly believes is the true secret to a long, successful and happy marriage like she has with Ron
  • Why preventative healthcare is important to both Beverly and Ron, and why they take care of their health as best they can

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  1. Sophia Grigio says:

    I thought that was the sweetest coolest podcast I was laughing so hard about Ron and the backseat situation.
    Thanks for taking the time to share and it did have value it showed me love and dedication.

    1. Debbie Waters says:

      I think we were all a little surprised, Sophia! Ha Ha

      Thanks for listening!

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