September 11, 2019

Tripling Your Cash Flow with 1031 Exchanges, with Tom Phelan

Episode 65:

Thomas Phelan has been licensed in real estate in Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, and Wyoming. Tom has been Certified to offer Realtor® CE Credit Classes for 1031 exchanging for National Real Estate Brokerage companies like ReMax, C-21, ERA, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams and a host of others since 1998.

He has been personally involved in real estate as an investor since the 1980s, investing in fix-and-flips, fixer-uppers, and buy-and-hold properties where 1031 exchange knowledge and strategy is essential to build a retirement.

Whether it be a single-family rental, multi-unit apartment house, ranch or office building, 1031 exchanging may have tremendous tax benefits for the investor.

Unfortunately, too many investors are not 1031 exchange savvy, nor are their realtors.

Tom’s mission is to change that.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What a 1031 exchange is and the rules and regulations surrounding this misunderstood loan
  • How long to keep these loans before selling the investment property
  • The value you can get through 1031 exchanging after you sell a property
  • Leveraging 1031 exchanging to get three times the properties and cash flow
  • The 200% rule and 95% rule associated with 1031 exchanging
  • Pairing lease options with 1031 exchanging
  • Mistakes people make when using 1031 exchanges

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  1. Ruby says:

    The link to the free report does not work.

    1. Debbie Waters says:

      Hi Ruby, it’s working for me. Please try again! Thanks

  2. A,C Brink says:

    All the thank you I have heard of a 10:31 but I didn’t understand it I still don’t understand it the way I should but it’s nice to know that how it works I guess very informative I appreciate it is very much

  3. HENRY MOODY says:

    i learn about 1031 on your podcast.

  4. Rayhill Haruzi says:

    Much needed information . Thank you for making this available .

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