Episode 166: Getting Started in Real Estate, an Honest Discussion with Ron LeGrand

What you’ll learn about in this episode: In this unique episode of The Mentor Podcast, host Ron LeGrand is interviewed by Debbie Waters, the marketing director at Global Publishing. They delve into Ron’s extensive experience in real estate, providing insights into both starting and scaling in the industry. Ron shares his personal journey from a […]

Episode 162: Demystifying VA, FHA, and Conventional Loans with expert, Jamie Holmes

What You’ll Learn About in This Episode: In this informative episode of The Mentor Podcast, Ron LeGrand is joined by Jamie Holmes. Jamie brings over 12 years of experience in loan origination to the table, distinguishing himself as one of the top 1% of originators in the United States. Throughout his career, Jamie has successfully […]

Episode 160: Introducing GPI Marketplace, Your Free Off Market Property Finder Platform

What you’ll learn about in this episode: In this exciting episode of The Mentor Podcast, Ron is joined by Mark Kole and Melissa Wolf to introduce an innovative global real estate marketplace, GPI Marketplace. This episode is a game-changer for real estate investors, offering a platform that enables buying, selling, and investing in properties worldwide […]

Episode 158: Navigating Taxes in Real Estate: Avoiding IRS Pitfalls with Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall is a dynamic and accomplished individual with a diverse range of expertise spanning the fields of taxation, technology, and entrepreneurship. As the CEO of Robert Hall & Associates, a leading regional tax accounting firm, he has been instrumental in growing the client base to over 2500 companies and 7000 families with their tax-related […]

Episode 157: Part VI of 32 Fatal Mistakes According to Ron LeGrand

What you’ll learn about in this episode: In this informative session of The Mentor Podcast, Ron LeGrand continues his deep dive into the 32 fatal mistakes most real estate investors make, with a special focus on the selling process. Ron shares invaluable insights from his extensive experience to help you avoid common traps and boost […]

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