Episode 126: Reducing Taxes Through Cost Segregation, with Joseph Viery

Joseph Viery is a cost segregation professional with over 14 years of hands-on experience with onsite verifications, cost analysis, and tax classification. He is a regular presenter at national workshops, and he is known for providing sound financial, compliant solutions and strategies that make sense — not simply based on making a sale. He prides […]

Episode 125: Focus on Profit, with Chris Miles

Having become financially independent TWICE by the time he was 39, Chris speaks from experience when teaching real estate investors how to quickly create cash flow and lasting wealth! Featured in US News, CNN Money, and Bankrate.com, it’s clear that Chris has a high reputation for getting real estate investors life-altering financial results in his […]

Episode 123: Get Your Time Back by Handing Off Your Calls, with David Mason

Dave started at PATLive in 2004 as a receptionist and still remembers taking calls for Ron LeGrand and his students 18 years ago. He quickly moved into Sales and Marketing, and then advanced to Training before finally settling in his current role as the Director of Customer Service. Over the years, Dave has had the […]

Episode 122: Four-Hundred Houses per Year, with Josh DeShong

Josh DeShong is an entrepreneur and business magnate. He is the founder and CEO at Jdre; founder and CEO of Myers Home Buyers, co-founder of Propalytic, and co-founder, CEO, and early-stage investor of Trelly. Initially introduced as one of the nation’s top real estate agents, DeShong is now better known for his groundbreaking work within […]

Episode 121: Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investment, with Ken Van Liew

Ken Van Liew started his professional career with a civil design engineering job, twins and 2 master’s degrees, underpinned with a six-figure debt and a burning desire to serve others. Sixteen years later, he cut the ribbon on the development of a $17M dollar, 72,000 square feet, 113 bed assisted living facility. He parlayed this […]

Episode 120: Guerilla Marketing App that can Help Gain Leads, with Mike McCabe

Delaware native Mike McCabe is co-founder of SimpleCrew.com – the app that makes managing your field team “as simple as snapping a photo.” Hundreds of businesses across different industries – real estate investors, concert promoters, contractors, and more – rely on SimpleCrew to manage their field teams. Real estate investors use SimpleCrew to track their […]

Episode 119: Buying Privately-Owned Paper, with Bob Leonetti

Bob Leonetti has helped more regular people just like you to make money with real estate paper and low money down note and paper strategies than almost anyone else in the United States. With more than 18 years of teaching/coaching experience, thousands of satisfied students, 8 books, and countless educational seminars, video, audio, and other […]

Episode 118: Building A Rental Property Portfolio, with Gregg Cohen

Gregg Cohen didn’t choose the entrepreneur life. The entrepreneur’s life chose him. Gregg was raised to believe that with hard work he could climb the company ladder, but a year and a half at Johnson & Johnson left him disillusioned, depressed, and demoralized. Exhausted by cutthroat corporate culture, Gregg decided it was time to take […]

Episode 117: Short Term Lease Options, with John Jackson

John Jackson has been referred to as the “King of Lease Options” by other educators, speakers, and investors across the country, and has transformed many of the techniques, methods, and structures utilized today with lease options. John started his real estate company Leasing to Buy in 2003 and since then, has completed well over 800 […]

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